Slim In 6 Diet Plan- Six Day Express Diet Plan

6 pounds and 6 inches…losing that in only 6 days? You may be asking yourself, how is THAT possible? Well, believe it or not, it has been proven to work. With all kinds of weight loss gimmicks out there, how does this diet plan set itself apart?  How can it possibly do what it says? Well, let’s analyze what makes this plan work.

Now, the first thing to remember is that this diet plan is used in conjunction with the butt kicking Slim In 6 video workout program. That in of itself is one way that this promise to its clients is kept (to those who stick to the program).  Most anyone would agree that exercise is a good tool to lose weight, but eating right is a great tool to accomplish this goal. That is the idea behind this particular diet program. The focus is on the types of food groups that you will integrate for 6 days, and the foods that you will let fall to the wayside for the same amount of time. It is also a low calorie diet, to help maximize your caloric burn while exercising and even in your resting times. That is the key to this six day marvel. So what kind of foods are we talking about?

Almost everyone has heard the term Low Glycemic.  Really, though this term is not used to describe invented processed new “wonder foods” that come out claiming to be such…no in this diet when it says Low Glycemic, it truly means high protein very low carb and a ton of veggies. This is the “secret” to this diet.

Now of course this doesn’t mean that your health isn’t taken into consideration. On the contrary, it’s a very healthy balanced plan that helps you push aside that fast food, and pick up those carrot sticks and great chicken entrée for dinner. Coupled with the packed exercise program, this is how you are guaranteed results in 6 days. It seems like it could be a lot to take on, but really what is 6 days? Less than a week, and in this case 6 pounds and 6 inches. Sounds like a plan to me.


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