Slim in 6 Schedule - Is the Slim in 6 Schedule Important?

Schedules…for some of us they are our backbone…for others they are more of a suggestion. Well what about a workout schedule, especially one from a specific workout program, in this case Slim in 6? What is the Slim in 6 workout schedule and do you need to stick to it?

Slim in 6 is an at home workout program designed to give you maximum results using 3 different DVD’s. Key words in that last sentence…maximum results. How can any of us expect to achieve that by bucking the system? That is why Slim in 6 has things spelled out nice and clear for all of us rebels out there…or slackers. For 6 weeks, you follow the carefully thought out and tested program and you achieve your goals. What is the system you ask?

Well, week 1 starts with, take a wild guess…disc 1, “Start It Up!”. For a full 6 days (one day of rest) you use this disc to get acclimated. Weeks 2 and 3 you do exactly as disc 2 describes “Ramp It Up!”. For 12 days you use this disc (one day of rest per week) to help you integrate yourself into the schedule and prepare your body for the last 3 weeks. The last 3 weeks you use the final disc “Burn It Up!”, following the same one day of rest per week rule. Now, at the end of the 3 weeks does that mean you are done? Not exactly. This week has been put in to the schedule to allow your body to rest or to put in those workouts you just couldn’t squeeze in during the previous 6 weeks. This way you get all the results you can before you start the program over and follow the same successful schedule.

The Slim in 6 schedule was designed for a reason, it was designed to be used and followed every step of the way during your program. So now the question you have to ask yourself is, do I want maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible? If the answer is yes, than you must follow the Slim in 6 schedule, it WILL work!


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