Slim in 6 Workout - What is it?

“Slim in 6…”, “Slim in 6…”, “Slim in 6…”. Maybe you have heard various people, commercials, or even trainers mention this phrase to you, well now you know it’s a workout, but really what is it and why is it talked about so often?

Slim in 6 is an effective at home workout routine designed with all people in mind. It consists of 3 DVD’s,  each designed to amp up your level of working out at a gradual pace.  Accompanied with a meal plan, it promises and delivers effective results right in your own home. Pretty impressive huh? So you may still be asking…what IS it?

Slim in 6 as mentioned above consists of 3 DVD’s… “Start It Up!”, “Ramp It Up!” and “Burn It Up!”. The first of 3 installments is created with idea of growing accustomed not just to the actual workout, but working out itself. Let’s face sometimes the hardest part of working out is not the moves, but the desire to do so. This DVD creates a knowledge, and a hunger for more in just 25 minutes a day. The second step in the program  is a bit harder with more moves expanding your workout vocabulary in a 48 minute routine. This is when things start to really burn. The last DVD is the most comprehensive of them all. A full 60 minute workout using everything you have learned from the previous 2 discs to push and expand yourself and your body to a whole new workout level.

When you have reached this level, you have created a new exercising you, able to burn more calories, have fun and enjoy working out, and of course a smaller waistline. Now the next time you hear “Slim in 6”…you will know exactly what it is and why Debbie Siebers has so many loyal fans.



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